Har-El Shabbat Eve Services are held weekly at 6:00 p.m., beginning October 5th, following a 5:30p.m. Pre-Shabbot Social through the last Friday evening in May. During the Summer, Har-El Shabbat Eve Services are held monthly.
Services are conducted by Rabbi Richard Zionts, Ph.D. and Cantor Joseph Gole.
Shabbat Dinners and Ongei Shabbat are held throughout the year.
Each First Friday of the month, Har-El holds a Music Shabbat.
This Shabbat is made special by the Cantor and Organist. The organ that is used at St. Margaret’s is considered one of the premier organs in California.
The prayerbooks used for Shabbat Eve and Festival Eve Services are the MIshkan Tefilah-A Reform Siddur and Gates of Repentance on the High Holy Days. Throughout the year, on special Shabbat evenings, Har-El also uses The Union Prayer Book, Sinai Edition, Revised.
To attend services or for more information, e-mail: harelurj@gmail.com or call (760) 779-1691.

Over 30 Congregants & guest joined together for August 19 Shabbat . Services led by Rabbi Zionts with all participating. Dinner followed with good conversation !!!!!