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The name "Har-El" means "Mountain of God." Har-El Institute is a new worship and study concept for the 21st century, designed to complement and enhance the lifestyle of the contemporary Jew. There is a rich history to the Har-El concept. Following World War One, Franz Rosenzweig, Jewish philosopher and educator, founded the Freies Judisches Lehrhaus (Independent House of Jewish Study) in Frankfurt-on-the Main. Students were encouraged to design their own courses based on their interests and questions. Rosenzweig died in 1929 and, in 1933, Martin Buber became head of the Lehrhaus. Forced to leave Nazi Germany in 1938, Buber went to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he became Professor of Social Philosophy.

I, together with our Board and the Galen Har-El Trimester Advisory Committee, invite you to enjoy this form of study either as a member of Har-El or as a participant in the Helene and Louis Galen Har-El Trimester Series of courses, Symposium: Fridays With A Scholar and Fortnight of Learning. We believe you will find Har-El as rewarding today as in 1929.


Rabbi Richard A. Zionts, Ph.D.,
Spiritual Leader and Founding Rabbi               

Established 2004